I’m an almost middle aged biology graduate with enough kids to have a permanent mom voice. Towards the end of my run at a bach degree, one of my kids ended up on some pretty serious antibiotics. All of the advice I was given was “give her some probiotics.” I’m not getting into the whethers and wherefores, but I wasn’t going to give my kid unregulated supplements without testing them first. I built a $100 temperature controlled incubator with a plastic tote, an incandescent bulb, and a temperature controller and Bio in the Basement was born.

I’m also an avid believer that all people should know how their bodies work, especially people with internal reproductive organs. On top of testing things that need testing (or are just fun to test), I’ll be providing information and sources for reproductive education. Reproductive education does not just mean “how to have a baby.” It also means “know when your body is trying to tell you something.”